Handmade paper-mâché sculptures are combined with color, spontaneity and gestural expression. All objects are made of pulp-based composite materials, which are produced through repeated manual shaping, cutting, painting, polishing and other processes. They are upcycling, innocence, instinct and fun, retain the original handmade traces, twisted into an interesting overall shape , projecting primitivist forms.

Experiment with different humble materials with pulp and see how well it would work. It's a slow but playful process, gradually developing a personal relationship with each piece in dialogue with it. Start with a typical shape and gradually twist it into a character full of uncertainty, which loses rules, definitions, and like magic, conjures up many possibilities, such as a bird, or an angry stone. 

The personal time spent with each piece is very unique. Each exudes its own exuberant personality thanks to animated, natural forms, feminine forms and vivid colors.

Try to explore how the physical world, which humans normally cannot perceive, shapes our experiences in subtle ways. The dialogue between self and nature, the mutual folding of objects and structures, orchestrating a symmetrical or asymmetrical balance. Explore the feeling of "container form" from the shape, color and material, blur the boundary between sculpture and container, embody wrapping, enveloping and containing, emphasize desire and the subtle imprint of individual existence, dazzing color and shape changes, breaking It breaks the stereotype of traditional sculpture/ware, and can stimulate the poetic imagination of the audience and the personal experience harvested in the subconscious.

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